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What we stand for


We organize events, workshops, and meetings engaging speakers, entrepreneurs, and experts of the startup ecosystem who share their stories and knowledge with us.


We give you the opportunity to enter a heterogeneous ecosystem where you will be able to share ideas and get in touch with future partners with different skills and backgrounds.


Once you have the expertise, knowledge, and the right network, all you have to do is to put your idea into practice: work in a team, develop, define, and scale up your project.

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A glimpse of what we do


We organise different events concerning activities and speeches from the best entrepreneurs and innovators of our area. Some of the latest are:

  • Event with the startup Ibrida Birra
  • Inspirational talk with the CEO Augusto Mitidieri
  • Event with Italian Embedded

Startup Challenge

The challenge will bring together top university students from Politecnico and Bocconi passionate about entrepreneurship and will challenge them with a real world problem to solve. Moreover there will be keynote speakers to assist the realization of this project through many seminars.

The startup challenge aims to combine events with entrepreneurs, workshops and networking initiatives.


We discover Europe and its active startup ecosystems! We will not only bring you visit startups and its founders, but also you will have the chance to have a taste of different cultures all around the old continent!


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